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Attention: "This is not an Attendance-Workshop Certificate Session."

With "IELTS Certification", you have a wonderful opportunity to

Show Your Value Through Certification.

Stay Up-To-Date with latest trends in IELTS assessments.

Market yourself.

Vividly Separate yourself from your peers.

Have a highly satisfying experience.

Show your commitment and initiative especially, when certifying may not be a Compulsion.

Last, but not the least, become a student once again!!

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3 Reasons why you should become
a Certified IELTS Trainer

  1. IELTS test-takers are highly motivated learners!

    Hence, IELTS teachers have an easier time than their counterparts teaching school kids who may be undisciplined kids or busy professionals, personal preferences may prevail.

  2. IELTS test marking is still unexplored

    Since IELTS test marking is a manual process unlike a multiple-choice questions based examination, the role of an IELTS trainer in exam preparation is even more crucial and hence rewarding.

  3. And It Pays!

    More and more number of Indians are now attempting IELTS exams. Since year 2010, the no. of IELTS takers has now doubled. So there is a greater demand for effective training and Certified Trainers in the market.

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No. 1 IELTS T3 Experience

What you will learn?

The grilling session is one unforgettable learning experience. You invest each hour honing your IELTS skills on 'How to train IELTS Candidates BETTER?'

The training is divided among development of four main Language skills. The IELTS coach shall also take you through nuances of IELTS assessment used for BAND Scoring, besides many other aspects of IELTS examination and its preparation. The training also includes answers to some of the intruding question you face regularly.